Mu Te Jinen Ryu - Soke Bo.F.Munthe

The Father of the Swedish & European Ninjutsu


Mu Te Jinen Ryu International

Mu Te Jinen Ryu is Shodai Soke Bo Munthe original dojo. Sensei is also known as the father of the Swedish and European Ninjutsu. Here is where you need to be a student to Soke or any of his Dai Shihan or higher to become a member. You also needs to be a member here if you whish to rank graduate for Soke, Dai Shihan or higher. All students and instructors within Muthe Jinen Ryu also become members in Bo Munthe Martial Arts Center Europe by automatic. Sensei Munthe is truly a legend in the Martial Arts World with over 50 years experience.
Important information.
Soke Bo Munthe passed away in his home on August 6th.
If, when and who takes over Mu Te Jinen Ryu is not clear. This is something that will definitely be decided by Nina Munthe and nobody else.
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